Books in Homes

I’m extremely proud to be an invited volunteer role model with the Books in Homes Australia project.

Approx. 800,000 pre and primary aged children are living in low socio-economic circumstances in Australia today. (ABS 2010)

Research has shown that being read to as a child and having books in the home are two of the most important indicators of future academic success. (Henderson A. & Mapp K. 2002)

$82.00 per year will change a child’s future through the BOOKS IN HOMES PROGRAM.

Through Books in Homes, disadvantaged children in schools are offered a selection of books to choose from 3 times each year. They can choose and take home 3 books every time. When a child is allowed to choose their own book it builds an expectation of that book and what it will offer. When the choice is theirs, fun, excitement and reading go hand-in-hand.

When every child in the community is involved in the process – the choosing, the waiting for the books to arrive and the excitement when the books are being given out – it generates a strong sense of belonging.

When a child gets to keep their books and take them home, the most powerful influence of all on a child’s attitude to reading is brought to bear.

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