A Caravan Like A Canary

Out 29 March 2022

Two road trips. Twenty years apart. Can the memories of a troubled family past finally be put to rest? More…

Spring Clean for the Peach Queen

Out Now

One tanked career, one badly timed glamour shoot and one dead boyfriend later, thirty-year-old Lottie Bentz is finally going home. More…

Dear BanjoDB 1000 wide

Out Now

They were best friends who were never meant to fall in love – but for one of them, it was already way too late. More.


True BlueTrue Blue small

Out Now

Love is random. Accidental. You just live your life and then one day it’ll hit you with the right person. More.

Love Song

Out May 2019

lovesong fca

Trust can easily be broken, but sometimes love just won’t leave you alone. More.

News: Film rights to the Daughters of the Outback series have been acquired!