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Sasha Wasley is a West Australian author of contemporary and young adult fiction. With a PhD in literature, she has worked as a classroom facilitator with young people, adults and ESL students. Sasha offers creative writing workshops for aspiring writers in Perth and regional WA, providing virtual or in-person workshops and author visits. Download a flyer to share with your writing group.


If you’re an aspiring or emerging author and can make it to one of Sasha’s workshops I highly recommend that you go. It was just what I needed. It would be fantastic for new authors, but great for anyone in a rut. (Cathy, participant)

Sasha Wasley ran a writer’s workshop in May 2021 for aspiring writers on writing a historical novel. The workshop was attended by a variety of people at all different stages of their writing journey. The audience was captivated by Sasha and inspired by the techniques she used to create engaging characters, research the era, as well as the nuances of writing a historical novel. Sasha was engaging, highly knowledgeable and willing to help the audience on their journey. I highly recommend Sasha for your next author presentation, workshop or talk. You won’t be disappointed. (Louise, National Trust of WA)

The Workshops

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  • Ignite your Writing
  • Getting Unstuck
  • Perfect Plotting
  • Compelling Characters
  • Research for Fiction

Ignite your Writing

Writing prompts and creativity workshop.

Bust your writer’s block! In this 90 minute workshop, Sasha takes aspiring writers through a tailored experience of engaging activities to inspire creative processes. Includes:

  • Finding inspiration
  • Mind-mapping and storyboarding
  • Finding your focus
  • A writing ‘growth mindset’
  • As per ASA Rates. Enquire here.

Getting Unstuck

Beat the Block and Solve Writing Problems

Do your stories have boring beginnings, muddled middles or flailing finishes? In this 90 minute workshop, Sasha takes participants through all the ways writers can get stuck and how to get untangled. Includes:

  • Plot mapping and ‘beats’
  • Unplotting and character dissection
  • Strategies for unsticking your story
  • Troubleshooting your narrative
  • As per ASA Rates. Enquire here.

Plotting Masterclass

Understanding plot points and narrative structure.

 Over 90 minutes, Sasha unpacks the shape of a plot, helping participants become experts in structuring a masterful narrative. Includes:

  • The difference between story, narrative and plot
  • Genre conventions
  • Plot mapping
  • We know the rules, now let’s break them!
  • As per ASA Rates. Enquire here.

Character Masterclass

Creating well-rounded characters and discovering archetypes.

Sasha gives a masterclass in character development skills, including archetypes, flaws, motivations and arcs.

  • Constructing well-rounded characters
  • Character arcs and your plot
  • Understanding archetypes
  • Traits, flaws and motivation
  • As per ASA Rates. Enquire here.

Research for Fiction Writing

Learn how to research like a professional

Sasha shows participants how to improve and hone their research skills to create believable, natural – and well researched – narratives.

  • Settings
  • Hobbies and careers
  • Historical writing
  • The journey from research to fiction
  • As per ASA Rates. Enquire here.

Writing a Book Series

Learn how to plan and develop a book series

Sasha takes participants through the process of writing a series of books, from conception to completion.

  • Types of series
  • The series arc
  • Side stories and spin-offs
  • Continuity
  • Resolution and cliffhangers
  • As per ASA Rates. Enquire here.

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