Pull down the screen

Humanity, it’s time to pull down the screen.
I hope, if you think horseracing ‘isn’t that bad’ and ‘they love to run’ and ‘the whip doesn’t really hurt their tough hides’ and ‘they could get injured just as easily in the paddock’ … that you take a good hard look at this picture.
CliffsofMoher about to be euthanised (photo credit: AAP)
This trusting animal, who has been bullied into running so fast it is in danger of grievous injury or internal rupture, was put to death moments later because of injuries sustained in the  Melbourne Cup. It is incredibly difficult to rehabilitate horses with these kinds of injuries, but regardless of injury and euthanising on the track, what gives us the right to whip and scream at an animal so violently that it runs beyond its capacity?
I want you to see behind the screen and understand what your little work sweep, what your TAB bet, what your fun lunch with the girls actually supports and funds.
Teachers who let kids watch the race at school, I want you to know that my daughter had to sit outside the classroom by herself last year because she was the only kid who knew or cared what racing does to horses. She was made to feel rejected and strange because she had educated herself and cared.
Workplaces that organise sweeps and luncheons, I want you to know that you could organise a different occasion for a fun dress up and drinks. You could bet on the freakin’ Bachelorette for all I care. Stop being complicit in something we need to move beyond as a society.
I love champagne. I love social occasions. I love competitions and fascinators. But I don’t love any of those things enough to ever watch a horse suffer agony, fear and death for our entertainment again.
If you are ready to promise not to support this industry again, please add your promise in the comments below. Put your words where your heart is and make it your pledge.
And while you’re at it, here are a couple of petitions you can sign.
Leave your pledge below.

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