“SPRING CLEAN” now available in Large Print, Braille & Dyslexic editions


SPRING CLEAN FOR THE PEACH QUEEN is now out in Large Print, Braille and dyslexic print through Read How You Want πŸ‘πŸ‘‘

Very excited to support these initiatives. These prints allow everyone to enjoy books in all their forms.

Large print: https://www.readhowyouwant.com/Books/details/Spring-Clean-for-the-Peach-Queen/39601

Dyslexic: https://www.dyslexicbooks.com/uk/Books/details/Spring-Clean-for-the-Peach-Queen/39601

Braille: https://www.readhowyouwant.com/Books/details/Spring-Clean-for-the-Peach-Queen/39601

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