Ignite Your Writing Workshop at Busselton Library

I presented a workshop at Busselton Library as part of Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival with 25 attendees from about 12 years to adult on the weekend. It was a great morning that just flew by.

We talked about ideas for:

  • finding inspiration
  • a growth mindset for writing
  • focusing on an idea
  • the key theories behind plotting and working out what’s gone wrong when we get stuck.

The session went really fast and the attendees were very engaged and had excellent quality of contributions to the discussion. I would have loved to do more hands-on writing activities with them – maybe next time.

For those who attended, I wanted to ensure they got the bits we ran out of time to do! Here are two info sheets: Freytag’s Pyramid unpacked and Exercises in Getting Unstuck.

If you are interested in this presentation then please visit my adult workshops page and send me a message so we can discuss. There are quite a few workshops which you can discuss with me to see what’s suitable.

Thanks to the Busselton Library for hosting and to the awesome Penny Crowley for helping set up and organise the event (and take pics). I hope I can head down again soon to do some more workshops in the beautiful South West.

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