This little chick has embarked on an eggciting new venture over on INSTAGRAM that has been hatching for a little while, where I will be talking about, reviewing and clucking on about books and writing whilst my chooks generally ignore me.

This is not a yolk people. I’m not cracking up. I’ll be putting out a video of my fowl feathered friends whilst chatting all things booky.

To check them out head over to my Instagram HERE or just do a scratch around for #bookswithchooks on Instagram

Here’s the link to the first BOOKS WITH CHOOKS video in which I answer the question of WHY I STARTED WRITING after being challenged by Racahel Johns to tell my story.

I hope you’ll follow us on our adventures.

DISCLAIMER: No chickens, but one teen was slightly harmed by this post. My daughter had to leave the room whilst exclaiming “don’t , just don’t not those puns….. ugghhh!” when I read this out to her. Her eyes rolled so much she almost detached a retina.

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