One of the joys, and there are many, of being a writer is that I get to go to festivals and meet other authors.

As well as being a writer I am a huge reader and it’s very exciting to meet fellow authors on this journey.

I’m very happy to announce that I will be a guest author at the BIG SKY FESTIVAL 2021 in Geraldton is September

The guest list is simply wonderful, as well as yours truly the following will also be guests:

Craig Silvey

Robert Drewe

Steve Hawke

Bill Dempsey

Fiona Palmer

Stella Budrikis

Brigid Lowry

Glyn Parry

Amanda Bridgeman

Steve Twartz

WHAT A LINEUP! I really am very excited for September 30th and it can’t come soon enough.

You can check out the developing website by clicking HERE.

I’ve been asked to run my Getting Unstuck writing workshop on the Friday morning and there is another one in the afternoon by legendary writing educator Brigid Lowry. I strongly recommend you book into both!

Are you planning to attend any writing festivals in the next few months? Leave a comment to tell me which ones.

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