Vote and win

Friends, may I take a moment to ask a favour? (tip: you can also win 100 books).

You probably see authors asking for votes for their books pretty regularly and I want to explain why we do it. Basically, some of these voting lists give us a whole second run for a book!

For example, the Better Reading top 100 for 2022. If enough of you vote and my book makes the list, then it will be given another print run with a special format and will be on beookshelves in stores like Big W for an extra year! All of this helps my writing career immensely and most importantly, allows me to write more books.

So, if you loved SPRING CLEAN FOR THE PEACH QUEEN, would you please vote for it at the following link? I will be forever grateful and every entry with a new email gives you a chance to win 100 books!

Vote here on Better Reading.

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