What a weekend!

Well, as the headline states; what a weekend indeed. I was lucky enough to spend Friday through to Sunday in the magnificent South West of WA.

It’s one of my favourite places in the world anyway but I also got to spend time at the Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival. What a privilege to not only attend but to get to launch Spring Clean For the Peach Queen in the South West.

In conversation with the wonderful Megan McCracken this was a truly lovely moment to savour. Megan and I chatted about the book and my writing and I had a wonderful time connecting with the audience

Afterwards I was lucky enough to have lots of people come chat and I did one of my favourite things to do that still brings a huge smile to my face; I autographed copies of my book.

I also got to present HOW TO BE AN AUTHOR with Deborah Hunn in conversation with Claire Miller from Fremantle Press . This was a collaborative book by several writers including myself and pulled together by Deborah. Again lots of interested audience members with some lively discussion and heaps of questions (plus hopefully some answers or at least good advice from Deborah and myself)

To cap off a wonderful day I also somehow managed to be interviewed by the lovely Dominique Bayers from ABC South West Mornings as we discussed the Writers Festival and Spring Clean

Dominique even came and got her own signed copy of Spring Clean.

To cap off a busy first day I did a podcast with Paul & Kate from The Quiet Carriage. This should be on their podcast site next month so add them on your fave Podcast app.

So that was Friday…..

Saturday meant a trip to nearby Busselton to run a workshop at Busselton Library. This was a wonderful way to finish my official events. My Ignite Your Writing worksop went down really well (check my previous blog)

After that it was a chance to catch up on some more wonderful events at the festival and of course to check out wonderful Margaret River Busselton and surrounds. Those adventures will follow on my next few blogs. For now, adieu!

At the Margaret River Bookshop. Always try and support your local bookshop.

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